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Tap a color chip to the case and hear Ken Nordine tell you a story about it.

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Off Grid Communications

Off Grid Communications

System for communicating without the need for a network.

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City of Lights Sound Meter

MIDI Controller

The City of Lights sound meter reacts to ambient noise.

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MIDI No. 1405

MIDI Controller

Use a joystick to select any MIDI instrument and play notes using 16 capacitive touch pads.

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LED Matrix Sign

LED matrix sign

Type a message into an app on an Android device and it magically starts scrolling across this sign made of LED matrix displays.

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Wireless Bike Turn Signal

Bicycle turn signal

An Android phone controlls a wireless bike turn signal via bluetooth.

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FluffremotterWhen is a jar of Fluff not a jar of Fluff?  When it's an IR remote control, of course.

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Hood Hoodie

Hood HoodieWhat do you get when you combine a GPS reciever with a hooded sweatshirt?  The Hood Hoodie, a smart shirt that displays what neighborhood it's in as I walk aound the city I call home.

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IR Keyboard

IR KeyboardTired of click, click, clicking with the remote control just to do a simple YouTube search on your networked device?  I was, too, so I made an IR Keyboard that will do the clicking for me.

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GPS Logger

Lotto ShuffleThis GPS logger will sitlently record all my movements to SD media.  A Python scirpt converts the collected raw data to a GPX file that can be imported into Google Earth, allowing me to map my route and fly through it.

Lotto Shuffle

Lotto ShuffleWe used to listen to albums, where the songs would be played in a predictable order.  When one song ended we would start to hum the next one in anticipation.  These days we play our iPods on shuffle mode or trust an online service to choose our music for us.  I thought that it would be better to use a physical game of chance before handing the selection process over to an algorithm.

Old Hancock

Old HancockInspired by the woeful site of an empty tequila bottle, I decedied that it would be a good idea to make a model of Boston's Old Hancock tower.  I conceed that there have probably been many bad ideas hatched while looking at an empty tequila bottle, but I think this is probably one of the better ones.

Networked Game Controller

Networked Game ControllerThe paddle in a pong-like game is foot-controlled by tilting a plastic container attached to a piece of wood.  This project used an accelerometor, an Ethernet shield, discarded wood and a dumbell.

Bow Hunter

Bow HunterBow Hunter is a game where the player scores points by shooting wild boars with a crossbow.  The input device to the Arduino is a Wii nunchuck, using the WIIChuck adapter made by Tod E. Kurt, which is pretty slick if you ask me.

Skype IN/OUT

Skype IN/OUT"Ok, I'm at my desk, ready to be Skyped".  That's what you say when you simply sit down with this project in place.  A force-sensitive resistor is placed on a chair and your Skype status is set to "Available" when you are sitting down and "Away" when you are not.

Monski Pong

Monski PongThis project should be immediatley reconizable to anyone who has seen the book Making Things Talk by Tom Igoe.  The book calls for a stuffed monkey but this creature was the closest thing that I could find in the house.  Players  bend her arms to move the paddles in a game of pong.

Photo Slideshow

Photo SlideshowIt doesn't get much more simple:  push a button on the Irish Spring box and a new photo is displayed on the computer screen.  I made this project when just learning how to work with the Arduino.