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I created this site to document the projects that I do in my spare time, particularly Arduino projects. I've seen many blog sites created by people with the best of intentions to document all the cool Arduino projects that they plan to do.  On many of them, aftter the first Lotto Prototypecouple of reports on receiving their board and an initial experiment, the other posts begin with some variant of "It's been too long between posts, I'll try to be better from now on" and are posted at six month intervals.  I decided to document completed projects rather than try to keep an updated progress log so that I would not fall into the same trap.

Of course, there are also sites that document projects in great detail with picutures, schmatics and code.  These sites give me something to aspire to, but I'm just not there yet and feel that it's better to do what I can now and try to document better in the future.






My name is Rich and you can contact me by emailing rich @ beersurrender DOT com.