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Fractal HDTV Antenna

Fractal Antenna

My version of the popular diy super low cost Fractal HDTV Antenna


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Solar Night Light

Blue Template

This single LED light is powered by a rechargable AA battery, which is charged during the day by a solar cell.  As soon as it gets dark the battery stops chaging and the LED glows.

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Mini Bike Light

Blue TemplateThere are many DIY bike light projects on the web.  I thought that I would take a crack at my own design.  This baby uses three bright white LEDs and a 555 timer IC to flash them.

Blue Ice

Blue TemplateWhat's better than resin cast in the shape of ice cubes?  Resin cast in the shape of ice cubes with LEDs embedded in them!   Just flick the switch and everyone will know that the bar is OPEN.

Family Map

Blue TemplateWe have family as far east as Boston and as far west as Seattle, Washingon.  I thought that this would be a nice project to show our daughter where in the country various family members live.  It took a while to figure out the best materials to use, but I think that I made the right chices.